Christians Under Attack Worldwide

In recent weeks, the world has witnessed the prosecuting of ancient Christian communities worldwide, most notably in the Nagorno-Karabakh region where the Sunni Islamist government of Azerbaijan ethnically cleansed 120,000 Armenian Christians from their territory and drove them under threat of extermination to Armenia resulting in a refugee crisis in that country.   Some background: […]

Terrorists at the Gates? Open Border Leaves USA Vulnerable to Terror

Story Content: In the aftermath of the tragic attacks on Israeli citizens that took place on October 7, Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody has formed a coalition of 27 states attorneys general to pressure the Biden Administration to do its job and secure the border from the ongoing threat of terrorist infiltration in our country. Recently released […]

Surrendering Our Sense of Humanity

“Bug-splat”: A military euphemism for a human killed by a missile strike, since viewing the targeted body and his/her remains through a grainy-green video screen gives the sense of an insect being obliterated.

Illegals Get Special Treatment While Americans Get Left Behind

As federal and state governments pour resources into supporting illegal migrants, millions of American families are going hungry.  Between 2021 and 2023, an estimated 15.3 million Americans fell below the poverty line, an increase that Sharon Parrott, president of the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, calls “stunning.”

Interview: Douglas Macgregor

Join in when Douglas Macgregor, CEO of Our Country Our Choice shares light on the conflict between Israel and Hamas, Election Integrity, The Protection of our Children and some considerations on the Border and crime in The United States.

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