A message from our founder

The situation in the USA has been steadily deteriorating since January 2021, and our collective efforts so far have yielded no positive results.
I’m RJ, a devoted Christian and a father of four children. I own a small business and have a deep love for our country and its people. I invested my financial resources, time, and energy to support Trump in both 2015 and 2020. However, despite giving it my all in 2020, I’ve never experienced such profound disappointment in my life. I believe many of you may share my sentiments. We cannot forget what they did with pandemic shutdowns and regulations. They will do it again unless we the people stop them.
As I witnessed America’s trajectory under the Biden administration, it became increasingly chaotic and disheartening. I reached a breaking point, realizing that the responsibility of reclaiming our country and defeating the deep state ultimately rests with us, the American people. No one else will step up. So, I made a bold decision, risking everything I had, and founded Our Country Our Choice.

Our Country Our Choice is more than just a people’s movement; it’s a media platform as well. My vision was straightforward: identify over 10 million like-minded Americans and create the most extensive group of American activists ever assembled. Our mission is to inform every American about the importance of choosing decision-makers who will put an end to the intentional sabotage of our beloved nation and start serving us, the American people.
I consider myself fortunate to have Col. Douglas Macgregor as our CEO. His knowledge is unparalleled, and his unwavering integrity sets him apart. He’s a true leader who cannot be swayed by monetary bribes.
We have an unwavering commitment to what is right, a compassionate heart, and unshakable determination. We will not stand idly by and let anyone, or anything undermine our country or our fellow Americans.
In the span of just 7 months, Our Country Our Choice has experienced remarkable growth, emerging as the fastest-growing movement in the USA. Alongside Colonel Macgregor, my son, daughters, our team, and I have had the privilege of meeting thousands of our dedicated members, and our hearts are filled with love for each one of them.
Through countless interactions and tens of thousands of emails, we’ve witnessed the indomitable spirit of the American people—a spirit that remains unbroken by any adversary.
In just a few weeks, our flagship platform will make its debut. Our exceptional team has poured their hearts, determination, and countless hours of hard work into crafting this product. Despite our limited financial resources, their unwavering motivation stems from a deep love for our nation.
This platform aims to unify the American people and equip proactive individuals with the tools needed to enact change. Now, I’m reaching out to you, appealing for your assistance. I urge you to invest your time and acquaint yourself with our platform. Tutoring videos will be available this month to facilitate your learning.

We need you to step up as an activist, to engage in real-world action. Your entire country relies on your bravery and courage to reclaim its essence. Embrace this opportunity, seize the moment, and together, let’s reclaim our nation.
Furthermore, we must put aside our differences and unite for the common good. It’s imperative that we come together to save America, safeguarding its values, and ensuring a brighter future for generations to come.
At Our Country Our Choice, losing is simply not an option. It’s not just a matter of winning or losing; it’s about safeguarding the very essence of who we are. We’re driven by an unwavering commitment to protect what matters most: our faith, our loved ones, and the land we call home.
Every fiber of our being resonates with the urgency of this mission. Our hearts beat with the rhythm of dedication, knowing that the stakes are nothing less than the preservation of our God-given rights, the safety of our families, and the soul of our nation.
Together, let us stand as guardians of our heritage, warriors for justice, and champions of freedom. Let our resolve be unwavering, our courage unyielding, and our love for our country unending. For in this moment, the future of Our Country hangs in the balance, and failure is simply not an option.
May God bless you, your family and our great nation!

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Together we can make America better for all American.

Our Country Our Choice LLC was established by a group of ordinary American citizens who refuse to stand idly by as our nation declines.
Most of us are parents, and many of us hold strong Christian values.

We can reverse the decline and restore American greatness.

Secure a brighter future for our children and their descendants.


Our Country, Our Choice (OCOC) is a newly established media company headquartered in Orlando, Florida.

Our core mission is to unite all Americans in the pursuit of a stronger, more prosperous, and secure America.

We founded Our Country, Our Choice, with a singular mission: to provide the American people with a platform to raise their voices. Our organization isn’t merely a news outlet reporting on problems; it’s a dynamic force with a comprehensive plan to bring about meaningful change.

Our Country, Our Choice is an impartial media outlet dedicated to upholding traditional conservative values in American government, fostering prosperity at home, and advocating for peace abroad.

We are not affiliated with DNC or RNC. We are not a political movement. We don’t support or endorse any candidates; we will not tolerate anyone who wants to destroy our country.

Our foundation rests on the principles of God, Country, and Family. We believe that by coming together, Americans can shape the future of our nation. If you share our love for America, we invite you to join Our Country, Our Choice.

America, to OCOC, represents not just a geographical location but a land of freedom, personal liberty, and the dream of a government by and for the people. Throughout history, America has been a haven where citizens can freely express themselves, pursue their destinies without oppression, and practice their faith without constraints.

OCOC’s vision of the American Dream is simple yet profound: the ability to lead peaceful, free lives, raise families, start businesses, and own property and homes.

We firmly believe that the nuclear family is the bedrock of our nation’s strength and stability. Our primary concern is the well-being of our children, the future of our country. To that end, we are dedicated to halting the sexualization of our children in public schools.

We are aware of the interconnected challenges surrounding issues such as the decline of marriage, divorce, broken families, child abuse, child neglect, fatherless homes, child grooming, and child sex trafficking. These problems are exacerbated by the presence of pornography, pedophilia, and child exploitation.

OCOC’s solution centers on the protection and nurturing of the nuclear family.

While some challenges are political, OCOC recognizes that prosperity and peace can be achieved if Americans channel their energy and prayers into solving these issues. Our approach is summed up in the Latin phrase “Ora et Labora” — work and pray.

We concur with those who believe that one of the root causes of America’s problems lies within the political system in Washington, D.C. We observe a uni-party system, often referred to as “the deep state” where short-term political interests often override the long-term needs of the country. We see crony capitalism thriving in Washington, with policies on climate change, globalist influence, and military-industrial-congressional complexes that do not prioritize the interests of the American people.

Excessive spending on overseas conflicts and divisive domestic programs benefit powerful interests at the expense of ordinary citizens. This includes banking elites, the federal reserve system, and the pharmaceutical industry. Despite being the largest buyer of drugs globally, Americans struggle with exorbitant drug prices, in stark contrast to countries like India, where medications are significantly cheaper.

We are concerned about the proliferation of divisive policies, with a growing list of legislation since 2001 impacting various aspects of American life. OCOC offers solutions, advocating for the reduction and reorganization of key federal agencies, a national security policy that only deploys military power when directly attacked, reduced federal spending, a reinvigorated energy sector, secure borders, and respect for individual rights.

We reject the “woke” movement and cancel culture, oppose sexual surgeries on young children, and disavow the quasi-religious climate change and de-industrialization movements.

At OCOC, we believe in three pillars of civilization: equal justice under the law, affordable energy, and freedom of speech. These pillars are currently under attack in America, and we must defend them.

We hold that in the United States, citizens should be able to build businesses, excel in professions, and accumulate wealth based on merit, not on factors like race, religion, or political affiliation. We emphasize that character and intelligence define an American citizen’s worth, and we stand for meritocracy, not government favoritism.

In conclusion, our dedication to “God, Country, and Family” guides us in our mission to preserve our nation, the soul of America, protect our children, and safeguard the essence of America.

Join us and register, for it is time for the silent majority to become a resounding voice. Our Country, Our Choice exists for this very purpose.

Join Us in the Fight for Our Country

You hold the power to reclaim our nation. Know that you stand united, not alone. Millions stand beside you, and together, we become an indomitable force, unstoppable in our resolve.
Rest assured, your information is safeguarded and will never be shared with any third party.