COVID-19: A Brief Chronology

covid-19 vaccine

All over the world, governments, health agencies, universities, news corporations, religious organizations, and a huge chorus of celebrities, rang the alarm bells that Covid-19 possibly born in some slimy, dark bat cave, was ravaging Wuhan, China, and had escaped to the four corners of the world!

The COVID cover-up finally appears to be falling apart. Amazing. For the better part of three years. All of Society’s institutions joined in unison with the Covid-19 narrative – that a virulent, killer virus had appeared in our midst. It would rival the Black Death of the Middle Ages, and that our freedoms would need to be restricted – ‘for the greater good’.

What was their plan?

Immediate, coordinated action needed to be taken. A task force was quickly formed to spearhead this global emergency. Taking the lead, CDC Doctors Fauci, Birx, and later Walensky, with the overseeing eye of the World Health Organization’s Director-General Tedros, laid out the global war plans. All nonessential businesses must close. Students of schools and universities must remain at home and learn online. Hospitals must largely restrict their care to the victims of the coming COVID-19 pandemic. Travel and gatherings must be severely limited. Other than immediate family members, any social interactions required distancing of six feet. Masks must be worn in the public at all times. There was only one way to defeat this horrific viral enemy and that required . . . Global lockdown!

In addition, a vaccine would need to be developed ASAP. This would require sidestepping vaccine development and safety guidelines. Voila! Enter the Emergency Use Authorization, which removes all regulatory roadblocks for the Covid Conqueror. By June 2020, tens of billions of taxpayer dollars were allocated to the pharmaceutical companies, and so Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson, Merck, and the rest of the Pill Pack were off to the races. And, boy, were they fast! Pfizer came out with their BioNTech vaccine by November of that same year. Vaccines were soon sprouting up like wonder weeds, ready to eradicate the Doom Disease.

Introducing the vaccine

Vaccine dosages were flying off the assembly line. Billions of little vaccine-filled bottles would need to be paired up with 7+ billion arms, NO EXCEPTIONS! And testing would be needed to make sure that there are no shot shirkers. Thus, billions of PCR tests were painfully poked and prodded in the noses of a largely compliant public, even though the inventor of the PCR test, biochemist Kary Mullis, made it very clear that his test is not a diagnostic tool. Oh, come on, Kary, be a team player! (R.I.P.)

And, lo and behold, most tests came back positive. When Tanzania’s president (R.I.P.) received positive COVID-19 test results after having submitted samples from a goat, a sheep, a bird, and even papaya, the implications were terrifying – COVID-19 is a danger to many if not all life forms! So we can thank our lucky stars that the Covid vaccine is One Hundred percent effective in eradicating the Viral menace . . . oh, as long as everyone masks up and stands at a healthy distance from one another. And especially no kissing or hugging. We wouldn’t want Aunt Margery in the locked-down nursing home to succumb to your lethal germs – so visitation is strictly forbidden! Even though she is dying. There was some consolation for Aunt Margery her doctors and nurses danced for her in a super cute way (aka nauseating) to cheer her up during her last dying days.

Just don’t concentrate too much on the above contradictions. That could only lead to losing your job, or getting kicked out of school, or losing your friends, or family members, and naturally your reputation.

What were the effects?

Very coincidentally, about the same time that the vaccines were injected into most people’s arms, healthy adults, young people, and even athletes started having heart attacks, strokes, neurological symptoms, shingles, and other skin outbreaks, along with a long list of other unexplained illnesses.

People even began to die unexpectedly. So much so that the medical establishment and newscasters had to come up with a euphemism, er, I mean Cause of Death. To Die Suddenly. It was all-encompassing and would hopefully stave off any annoying questions.

Sadly, the 100 percent effective vaccine lost its vigor after, oh, say a few months. Fortunately, the pharmaceutical wizards had a booster shot waiting in the wings! And then another one, and another one. It was becoming very clear that we would need to have booster shots for the rest of our lives to keep the coronavirus at bay. But we can at least be grateful that we don’t have to pay for the taxpayer-funded shots. Oops, scrub that last sentence. We now do have to pay for them. Even though we already have.

But the silver lining in that cloud is that the pharmaceutical companies are so rich! We can rest assured that there will be no shortages of their miracle drugs. Another big perk is that the TV networks and other media will stay in business because they have their pharmaceutical advertising lifeline.

Everybody wins!

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