Election Fraud Exposed: Shocking New Evidence of Dirty Politics

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The claim that election fraud is a myth just hit a major roadblock— because videos don’t lie!

In Connecticut, Judge William Clark dropped the hammer on the Bridgeport mayoral primary results. Calling video evidence of potential fraud “shocking.” Wanda Geter-Pataky, the vice chair of the Bridgeport Democratic Town Committee. Got caught red-handed on video stuffing handfuls of ballots into a drop box outside City Hall. It’s a jaw-dropping scene that exposes the truth!

But that’s not all. In Paterson, New Jersey, City Council President Alex Mendez faces charges of collecting mail-in ballots, destroying the ones that didn’t favor him, and replacing them with fake ballots that chose him. Attorney General Matthew Platkin describes a scene straight out of a crime movie—Mendez personally overseeing the dumping of a massive bag filled with ballots into a postal box. Talk about a scandal!

Is there proof?

And just when you thought it couldn’t get crazier. In Springfield, Massachusetts, mayoral candidate Justin Hurst is accused of buying votes during early voting. Surveillance footage captures individuals being dropped off in black Suburbans and Expeditions, entering City Hall to vote, and then getting paid in cash on the way out. It’s a political drama playing out right before our eyes!

Leftist groups like the Brennan Center for Justice and the League of Women Voters may claim voter fraud is a “phantom,” but the evidence is piling up. The Democrats’ push for universal mail-in voting and unmanned drop boxes makes cheating a cakewalk.

Across the nation, Republicans are pushing to eliminate drop boxes, bar third parties from collecting ballots, and use software to match signatures. Democrats oppose these safeguards, calling them “voter suppression.” We call it “cheating suppression.”

It’s time for Americans to wake up! Convenience shouldn’t trump security. Just like airport security, waiting in line is a small price to pay for the assurance that our elections are honest. The clock is ticking, America—you’ve got one year to clean up this mess!

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