Border Dispute: Governors Rally Behind Texas

Razor wire and the Texas National Guard defend our southern border. Join the movement for a secure America with Our Country Our Choice!

Several states have committed to assist Texas with its border issue, despite Biden's administration's decision to remove the razor wire in Shelby Park. Could this cause fury in Washington?

The Biden administration is facing criticism for its handling of the border crisis.

A growing number of governors have expressed their solidarity with Texas.  Which has taken measures to secure its own border against illegal immigration.

Greg Abbott has led the charge in defending the state’s right to protect its citizens from the influx of migrants crossing the border. Abbott has ordered the installation of razor wire along the border and deployed the Texas National Guard.

Abbott has faced legal challenges from the Biden administration. Which has sued Texas over its border policies and ordered the removal of the razor wire. However, Abbott has vowed to fight back, saying that Texas has the constitutional authority to defend itself from invasion.

In response, Abbott has received support from several governors and lawmakers, who have praised his leadership and courage in standing up to the federal government.

Some of the governors who have pledged to stand with Texas include:

Ron DeSantis of Florida, who said that “Texas is doing what the federal government should be doing.” Spencer Cox of Utah, who called the border situation “a national security issue” and “a common sense issue.” Kevin Stitt of Oklahoma announced, “Oklahoma stands with Texas.” Jim Justice, “West Virginia stands with Texas and Governor Abbott in their efforts to secure our southern border and protect Americans.” Bill Lee of Tennessee, who said that “Tennessee stands with Texas in their fight to keep Americans safe.” Jim Pillen of Nebraska, who said that “Nebraska stands with Texas and Governor Abbott as they work to secure our southern border.” Doug Burgum of North Dakota, who said that “North Dakota stands with Texas and Governor Abbott as they take action to secure our southern border and uphold the rule of law.”

Speaker of the House Mike Johnson also expressed his support for Texas, saying that “I stand with Governor Abbott. The House will do everything in its power to back him up. The next step: holding Secretary Mayorkas accountable.”

The Republican governors and lawmakers have also urged the Biden administration to take action to address the border crisis. Which has seen a record number of migrant encounters, drug seizures, and human trafficking cases. They have also called for the restoration of the Trump-era policies that were effective in deterring illegal immigration. Such as the Remain in Mexico program and the border wall construction.

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