Defend our Children

We are extremely concerned that our ruling elite, including the leadership of The American Federation of Teachers, has set for itself the goal of polluting the minds of our children and teenagers rather than teaching them American and World history, English, math and foreign languages. Our leading institutions, in conjunction with multinational corporations, are pushing a radical “Woke” agenda that is doing irreparable harm to our children. Schools are turning into indoctrination laboratories instead of what they should be: Institutions of learning.


The ongoing, taxpayer funded “Woke” brainwashing of our children will have far reaching consequences for the future of our country. Studies how that a person’s character and personality are largely framed during the vulnerable young age. A scientific study from the University of California in Riverside points to the fact that children already exhibit personality traits that will define them throughout his or her life and can be clearly identified by the time they reach 1st grade. The damage currently being done to our children will be difficult to undo. And that is the point.


  • Outlaw sex change operations and use of the puberty blockers.
  • Prosecute medical doctors who perform the mutilating procedures.
  • End the sexualization of our children in schools.
  • Ban critical race theory from schools.
  • Identify organizations and individuals working actively against the sexualization of our children. Join them and support their effort.
  • Attending your children’s schools open houses and parent-teacher conferences.
  • Stay involved with the assigned readings from libraries and school media centers, as they may provide inappropriate books for your children.
  • Above all: Talk to your children

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