OCOC Interview: Douglas Macgregor

ococ interview ceo douglas macgregor

Introducing Our Country Our Choice: A Movement for Unity and Action

Welcome to the forefront of change, where unity, leadership, and love for country converge in a new movement: Led by Douglas Macgregor, Our Country Our Choice (OCOC). Founded by individuals determined to bridge the partisan chasm, OCOC stands as a beacon of hope in an era marred by division. In a recent interview with Colonel Douglas Mcgregor, CEO of OCOC, the essence and aspirations of this movement unfolded.

At its core, OCOC seeks to unite Americans across party lines, driven by a shared frustration with the absence of national unity on critical issues, save for spending and war. The movement finds solace in the belief that a vast swath of Americans, regardless of political affiliation, holds traditional, mostly conservative values dear. It’s about restoring the essence of the Republic, focusing on the common threads that bind us as a nation.

OCOC is not just about rhetoric; it’s about action. With a vision to establish a presence in every state and district. OCOC aims to hold elected officials accountable, ensuring they deliver on promises made to the American people. It’s about empowering individuals to effect real change. Providing them with the tools and platforms to influence national discourse and policy decisions.


Central to OCOC’s mission is the revival of American citizenship. In the interview below, Mcgregor emphasizes the need for citizens to uphold their duties seriously. Valuing citizenship not just for its privileges but also for its responsibilities. In a time when disillusionment with the political process runs high. OCOC offers a tangible pathway for individuals to make a meaningful impact.

Moreover, OCOC is committed to fostering informed dialogue, serving as a bastion of fact-based information in an era plagued by misinformation and bias. By providing impartial news and analysis, OCOC aims to fill the void left by mainstream media, empowering citizens with knowledge to make informed decisions.

As we navigate through tumultuous times both domestically and globally. OCOC emerges as a beacon of hope—a platform for Americans to reclaim their agency. Uphold the values that define us, and steer the course of our nation towards a brighter future. Join us in this journey of unity, leadership, and action. Our country Our choice.


Join Us in the Fight for Our Country

You hold the power to reclaim our nation. Know that you stand united, not alone. Millions stand beside you, and together, we become an indomitable force, unstoppable in our resolve.
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