War: Surrendering Our Sense of Humanity

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For the Global Power Elite, on both sides of the Atlantic, war is a remarkably profitable business. However, for us, the consuming public, we’re led to believe, mostly by omission, that this war is absolutely necessary. Any counter-narrative, otherwise, is simply irresponsible and irrelevant.

“Bug-splat” – A military euphemism for a human killed by a missile strike, since viewing the targeted body and his/her remains through a grainy-green video screen gives the sense of an insect being obliterated.

This morning, like every morning, before I started my day, I poured myself a cup of coffee and made my way to my computer to quickly review the headline content on both Establishment and Alternative media.  I suspect I’m not much different than an increasing number of Americans, and quite likely, like most “regular” people on our planet. I’ve recently learned, too, that an increasing number of others are experiencing the same innate phenomenon and referring to this desire for situational awareness as “The Great Awakening”.  This makes me smile in delight, as I reason that, frankly, I don’t care what anyone calls it, as long as it is happening.

As I canvas the headlines, a familiar theme continues to dominate our media headlines: the Russia/Ukraine war.  Sure, the specific talking points casually serpentine between a handful of related topics on the subject. They always work their way back to emphasize, and support, the officially approved narrative. We must continue to support, by all means at our disposal, Ukraine over Evil Russia; We need to continue to financially support Ukrainians, because it’s our “duty”; As long as the Ukrainian Armed Forces are fighting, we’ll continue to provide them the tools of war.  This list has a few more similar items, but the underlying message is clear:  Casualties, on either side, are of no consequence to us, so Keep Fighting.  In fact, U.S. Senator Mitt Romney recently stated so much when he publicly declared:

“The single most important thing we can do to strengthen ourselves, relative to China, is to see Russia defeated in Ukraine. Because they are allies, and Russia being weakened weakens their ally, China,” Romney said, according to a video uploaded to his X account.  …”Being able to take an amount which equals, what, about 5 percent of our military budget – but actually less than 5 percent of our military budget – each year to help the Ukrainians, is about the best national defense spending I think we’ve ever done,” Romney continued.

Sadly, Senator Romney is not unusual.  Even on Alternative Media, it appears that everyone is focused on the on-going war effort, which is limited in scope to emphasizing who did what, to whom, with what, etc.  Behold how this side advanced and held while our (excuse me, “their”) advanced weaponry had this effect on the combatants.  Wow.  This slug fest, a noble cause for sure, requires that more troops be endlessly sent into the breach and so on.

For the Global Power Elite, on both sides of the Atlantic, war is a remarkably profitable business, and business is booming (literally); however, for us, the consuming public, we’re led to believe, mostly by omission, that this war is absolutely necessary, and any counter-narrative, otherwise, is simply irresponsible and irrelevant.  Missing in all of these official narratives are any meaningful revelations of the human suffering coupled with vast devastation that is surely happening each and every day during this war.

Subsequently, we are made to believe, hypnotized, if you will, that this war amounts to another video game where casualties are only expressed in numbers, where both the actual combatants and non-combatants (on either side) amount only to non-player characters (NPC) – that is, to say, computer characters, meant to act like real people, but who are not real people.  You see, we have been cleverly persuaded not to concern ourselves with these NPCs because they are not human, like us, but rather, unknown, and faceless human representations in some far away place that has no bearing, whatsoever, on our day-to-day lives.  The Globalists continue to reassure us not to think critically on these matters, for they’ll be sure to take care of all of our interests in the process.

As time moves on, it’s becoming increasingly obvious that the people who control our Establishment media, governments, and multinational corporations are well aware of this and have been for decades.  I suspect that these low vibrational souls even reason that, as long as the horrors of war and the massive amount of human suffering remain hidden from public consciousness, “their” deadly and surreal game, carefully wrapped in a flag, can continue, and they (the Globalists, special interests) all continue to gain financially in the process.

Unfortunately, whether viewed either objectively or subjectively, the protocol being employed in support of this hidden-in-plain-sight ruse  is working spectacularly: Money equals power; power influences policy makers; and policy makers provide more opportunities to make more money.  In other words, the Globalists and the Military Industrial Complex use their vast resources to influence Washington and European legislators, who then use their legislative authority to influence domestic and foreign policies, and those policies benefit the same Globalists and MIC.  Around and around, it goes, continuously swirling under the umbrella of a compromised and controlled media.  Are you beginning to see it now?  For once have seen it, it can’t be unseen.  Welcome to The Great Awakening.

Frankly, this cleverly designed system amounts to their “Golden Goose” of blood money for self-serving profit, reelection, and ultimately, control.  Worse yet, at least in the United States, the entire massively rigged and fraudulent scheme has been codified into law under the U.S. Supreme Court 5-4 ruling: Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission.  This simple ruling has effectively destroyed our Constitutional Republic, and now the only interests being represented are those of the “monied” special interests.


As we continue to witness day in and day out, as long as the powers-that-shouldn’t-be maintain control over the narrative and keep the human costs of this war, or any conflict, hidden, then “We The People” appear to provide unspoken consent to them to continue to operate with relative impunity; however, once that veil of secrecy, usually manufactured through suppression, or outright omission, is brought to light, and “we” revolt out of utter disgust, their house of cards inevitably collapses, and the “game” forever changes.

One classic example of this occurred during the Vietnam War – arguably, a precursor to the same pattern we’re witnessing today.  For several years, the West was fed a plateful of military tactical slop on the ongoing conflict…” We good.  They bad.  We kill.  They die.  We won.  They lose.”  Just like today, this sterilized mantra went on, unabated, for years, and most of the consuming public was none the wiser.

Then, out of the blue, something happened.  In an instant, the war “over there” arrived on our proverbial shores like a right cross delivered by Mike Tyson.  And no, the event wasn’t the mounting U.S. casualty numbers or the images of our soldiers arriving home in coffins.  Nor was it the slowly mounting evidence that, perhaps, things were not going as well as we’d been told over that previous decade.  No, the seminal event was a single image that hit us hard and had us question what the hell we were doing over there.

The image, to which I refer, was taken and provided by a 21-year-old Vietnamese-American photographer named Nick Ut. The image was of a nine-year-old child, Phan Thi Kim Phúc, running naked down a road after being severely burned on her back by a South Vietnamese napalm attack. (Image attached below)

Our “ally”, using U.S.-provided weapons on a foreign, faraway battlefield that we, the public, knew very little about (by design), was prosecuting the war with sheer barbarism.  Any of this beginning to sound familiar?

Although the Ut image stands on its own depicting the horrors of what “we” had been supporting, that single image was also the match that lit a fire in our collective conscience.  Once the Western public saw barbarism through this heart-breaking, gut-wrenching image, everything changed.  Those little “yellow” NPC’s were us!  We were them!  Western human empathy had finally been unleashed, and we’d had enough….

Some might argue the high-water mark for that war effort was the 1968 Tet Offensive.  That is probably true, militarily; however, I would argue that it was Nick Ut’s 1972 “The Terror of War” image of Phan Thi Kim Phúc that was even more responsible for pulling the closing curtain for our support of that disastrous war.  For you see, once “we” saw that revolting image, public support fell into the abyss, and no amount of Establishment bullshit was ever going to change our new, spiritually awakened attitude toward the war effort.  It was, at this moment, that we realized: “We have met the enemy, and he is us.”


After broadly surveying the news media and the observing the general public’s pulse, I suspect we are currently at a moment, in the Ukraine war, that resembles a comparative moment in the Vietnam war – one that is still prior to Nick Ut’s publishing of his enduring image.

Today, we seemingly remain obediently captured by everything else, except the massive amount of human suffering which is clearly happening just beyond our conscious sight.  Again, all of this is by design and is being masterfully orchestrated by the Globalists.  Sure, we are routinely offered the malleable numbers of those killed-in-action, wounded-in-action, missing-in-action, refugees, prisoners-of-war, missing children, gains and losses of equipment and territories, projections of where all of this is headed, etc., but those are just numbers and well-reasoned hypotheticals, NOT human souls.  However, those numbers do have a very specific purpose: they are meant for us to think of all of those otherwise-suffering souls – the mothers, fathers, sons, daughters, spouses, children etc. – as NPCs and should you reason otherwise, you’re a Putin apologist.  You’re a traitor!  Our support for Ukraine must go on.

Deep, deep, down, we all know it, we all feel it:  At our human core, we are loving, compassionate, spiritual souls…all of us, even those low vibrational souls who worship their man-made god of “coin” and who’ve temporarily succeeded in getting the rest of us to abandon our true spirit and worship of our universal God (one of love, compassion, empathy, and peace).

Subsequently, should we ever get exposed to the images – visual, mental, or otherwise – of our suffering brothers and sisters whose lives are being torn apart for profit or future profits across the globe, we can rise and resist, even though massive and peaceful noncompliance, and put an end to needless suffering and greed.  Furthermore, perhaps there is enough information before us already, and all we must do is look at it, or contemplate over it. For what it really is, and then put ourselves in a mental position where we imagine that those who are currently embroiled in this conflict could easily be any one of us or someone we love.


At this point, I’ll ask you to join me in a mental exercise. Imagine, for an instant, any one of those hundreds of thousands of KIA/MIAs as YOUR family member sitting across the room from you right now.  Look at him/her.  Then, out of nowhere, imagine there are aggressive and loud knocks on your front door.  You move to open the door with an urgency equal to knocks and are confronted with several serious-looking state military recruiters.  They are here for… and in an instant, your loved one is taken away from your family in order to support the war effort.  All of this is happening by dictation.  Family, friends, neighbors are all being forced into military service for a war that only the Globalists want.  Regretfully, there’s no authority to appeal to, and, as your loved one disappears from sight, their physical absence is replaced by abject despair.

At some point, you force yourself to calm down and attempt to make sense of what just happened, only to realize how dreadful the situation really is.  Your loved one, who was sitting across the room from you just moments ago, is on his/her way to receive minimal training on how to kill, and maybe even survive, in a preverbal meat grinder.  You know, deep down, there isn’t enough time to actually give them any real chance to survive, but you remain hopeful, nonetheless.  What else can you do?

Then, your thoughts take the next logical step.  Soon, too soon, you realize your loved one(s) will be forced to go forward into the combat zone, likely woefully ill-prepared for what they’re likely to encounter.  You think, for a moment, that your brother, sister, spouse, child is such a kind soul, he’ll/she’ll never be able to take the life of another.  Your heart sinks, but you close your eyes and hope they’ll muster the will to kill or be killed.  You pray he/she will find the strength to commit such an unnatural act.

Time slowly marches on.  You worry and then worry even more.

Moving forward, your daily routine has slowed to a crawl, and you now measure time by the minutes in an hour rather than the hours in the day because your thoughts are consumed with worry.  This agony is persistent, and you have a constant feeling of nausea.  You also find yourself exhausted because you can’t sleep.  Overall, you feel sickly.  Your new reality -your life -is now a dredge.  At some point, however, you realize you must leave your home and go to work or get groceries and supplies for the rest of your family.  It’s a struggle to carry on, but you must find your inner resolve to move forward.

Then, while out in town running errands, you can’t help but notice that the motorized and pedestrian traffic is unusually light.  The few people you see are mostly the elderly.  It dawns on you that many of the young were either, likely, forced into the globalist war effort or expediently left the country as refugees, leaving their family and possessions behind as a desperate move simply to survive.  You’re also aware of the stories of local military-aged men who are in hiding, trying to remain obscure, until this utterly manmade catastrophe ends.

While picking through some limited vegetables on a store front sidewalk, you overhear some locals discussing the nature of the war, while someone, a double amputee with a freshly scarred face, recalls, first-hand, how he had the good fortune to luckily be evacuated after injury in battle.  You freeze for a moment and listen intently on how he describes the actual conduct of the war.  You hear him emphasize that this war is different, one unlike your grandfather’s or even father’s wars where one can see an enemy to engage.  No.  This war is different because it is one of indirect fire systems – munition systems fired from beyond the horizon and surgically employed with precision on targets.  “It’s steel rain!” he says.

Moreover, he relates that it doesn’t matter if the weapon system was conventional artillery, or a state-of-the-art missile launched from a land, air, or sea platform.  The end result is always consistent: overwhelming destruction and absolute death.  “Bug-splat”!  You’ve heard that term in the media before and know exactly what it means.  Once you are surveilled and found, there’s no hiding, not anywhere.

You continue to listen and hear him recall that, while they occupied their bunkers or vehicles performing some random duty recently assigned, they were constantly busy on tedious tasks in preparation for moving closer to the front in order to find and destroy the enemy and hold that next town.  Mostly, he stated, “It’s usually quiet, and direct enemy contact rarely seemed likely.  The radio traffic, too, is normally quiet, and we reasoned that was always a good sign.  We were so naive.”

He then went further on to explain that, when death ultimately came, it came unannounced and in an instant.  He said, “It seemed our world literately erupted into a hell on earth.  The impacts were massive, and the explosions were deafening.  They happened all around us, just everywhere and bone crushing concussions rocked our bodies and stole our breath.” We were all thrown about, over and over, and the ground moved beneath us.

Then, he recalled, “At some point, after I began to recover from the shock. I was overtaken by physical pain all over my body.  Just like me, the other survivors took a few moments to regain their senses, breathe. Eventually gain our composure while fighting off the searing pain.  Then, once many of us were able to look about and comprehend what had just happened, we realized we were all, both the living and dead, covered in dirt, blood, and everything else.  We were all terrified and quietly prayed to ourselves another salvo wouldn’t hit us again.

You then steal a quick glance at this broken soul and watch him explain further about how his reality set in.  He continued, “We, the survivors, realized our unit was decimated.  It looked bad, but we couldn’t tell just how bad.  All we could do after recovering, between the waves of shock, was to gain enough courage to crawl out of our make-shift graves and try to help others who were wailing in pain.  I was one of those who needed help.”

This unfortunate son then recalled how he laid there and surveyed his immediate surroundings, only to notice the broken, dismembered, burned and blackened flesh of his fellow soldiers. They were all gone.  Then, he said, as more of his senses came back, he was overwhelmed by the smell of burning flesh, material, and bodily fluids.  It was all so putrid, he recalled, and that awful smell just wouldn’t go away.  Bug-splat!  “All I wanted to do was vomit, over and over.”    I continued to listen as his  voice tapered off.

After another brief pause, he continued.  “Eventually, those of us who were severely injured were evacuated to the rear to hospitals – hospitals that were overwhelmed with the injured and dead.  It was there that I learned of the extent of our unit’s KIA/WIA from the attack.  We lost hundreds of men/women, and sadly, many of those came from our area.”

At this point, you can’t bear to listen anymore.  You leave the vegetables and walk away trembling with tears in your eyes and sorrow in your heart.  You realize that, from this day forward, from this moment on, your time will be spent not only worrying about your loved one. Like before, but also waiting to receive the dreaded news that your loved one made the ultimate sacrifice and gave his/her life in support of your country.  It’s all such bullshit, you think to yourself.  It is then that you also realize that there’s yet another stark reality to consider:  All of those soldiers who died or were injured will need to be replaced, and that will precipitate another unwelcome knock on another door from those seeking yet another sacrifice from a family.  You feel you’re being forsaken and wonder how the world could allow this inhumanity to continue.

Now, look around you again, and recognize the other members of your family.  Ask yourself, who’s next?


The thing is, the generic anecdote I offered above accurately represents only one facet of combat as countless books, diaries, and first-hand personal accounts will attest.  The unimaginable brutal effects that high intensity conflict has on people cannot be understated.  Most importantly, what it is not, is a “bleepin” video game and, it changes lives, overwhelmingly for the worse, whether one is involved in the combat or awaiting news at home.

So, I’ll ask you to briefly consider one more crime against humanity associated with this conflict relative to the human trafficking which it has spawned. Deliberately kept just outside of our collective purview.  Shockingly, this must include the reportedly missing SIXTY THOUSAND Ukrainian children.  Moreover, if you thought the loss or destruction of a human life in combat was bad enough. Then just imagine what’s happening to all those defenseless, innocent children who are missing in the Ukraine.

So, as earlier, look again across the room, and spy on your child for a moment.  Do you see him or her as an NPC?  No, of course you don’t, so why should we see others in such a light?  Now, use your imagination and return to Nick Ut’s photo. In place of that terrorized 9-year-old naked and burned girl, mentally replace her with your own child or grandchild.  You can see where this is going….

In the end, my question to you is this. Would you wish this horror on someone else, or could you even imagine this horror for yourself?  This is the state of warfare today, for both sides, and the longer we remain ignorant and quiet. The longer we passively comply, the longer this macabre reality will persist.

How could we have surrendered our sense of humanity without a fight?  Although we might not have started this descent into the pit of manufactured darkness. Perhaps serving as an “Our Country Our Choice” Guardian or Defender. We are moving toward a position of strength in order to begin the ascent.

It’s evidently clear that, until we stand together and resist. We will continue to remain under a cloud of shame while Evil continues to smile. And the Globalists and their acolytes keep counting.  They’re “banking” on it…literally.

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