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We are extremely concerned about the governing elite (including the teachers’ union) that is intent on polluting the minds of our kids and teenagers.

Our children, teens and youth are of utmost priority for Our Country Our Choice.  All Americans have a responsibility to protect them and educate them on understanding the difference between what is right and what is wrong.


We are extremely concerned about the governing elite (including the teachers’ union) that is intent on polluting the minds of our kids and teenagers. Our government, in conjunction with multinational corporations, is pushing a radical “Woke” agenda that is doing irreparable harm to our kids. Schools are turning into indoctrination laboratories instead of what they should be: Institutions of learning.

The ongoing, taxpayer funded “Woke” brainwashing of our children will have far reaching consequences for the future of our country. A person’s character and personality are largely framed during the vulnerable young age. Scientific study from the University of California in Riverside points to the fact that children already exhibit personality traits that will define them throughout his or her life and can be clearly identified by the time they reach 1st grade.

The radical leftist agenda insists on exposing our children to extreme LQBTQ+ ideology at the earliest age possible, including daycare centers. Drag shows are being performed for children at school libraries, at taxpayer’s expense. The consequences of this have been immeasurably severe, and amount to nothing less than a War on Children.

Together we can stop this madness and every American must join us.

Suggested primary objectives: 

  1. Outlaw sex change operations and use of the puberty blockers.
  2. Prosecute medical doctors who perform the mutilating procedures.
  3. End the sexualization of our children in schools.
  4. Ban critical race theory from schools.


Course of Action:

Identify organizations and individuals working actively against the sexualization of our children. Join them and support their effort.

  1. Sexualization of children
    Attending your children’s schools open houses and parent-teacher conferences.
    Stay involved with the assigned readings from libraries and school media centers, as they may provide inappropriate books for your children.
    Above all: Talk to your kid.
  2. Puberty blockers
    Read material about the potential dangers of puberty blockers. Make your kids, family, and friends aware of lifetime consequences.
  3. Sex change operations
    Expose the true dangers and risks of sex change operations (suicide, infertility, mental and physical damage)
    Find out in detail what happens during surgical procedures and recovery, and what the results are.
    Gather information and testimonies of teenagers who regret being fooled and pressured into sex change operations, and lifelong impacts on their lives.
  4. Low moral /lack of values
    Teach your kids moral values.
    Monitor social media, as TikTok and other platforms promote sexualization, immorality, degeneracy, low intellect, drugs, alcohol, suicidal thoughts, and violence.
    Find social platforms with clean content and positive role models.
  5. Education
    Be an active participant in your child’s education.
    Actively engage with PTO, school administrators, school boards and superintendent to demand quality education, life skills, and student success. (19% of our high school graduates cannot read or write.)
    Examine possibilities of trade schools or choose reputable universities that do not focus on woke social issues and indoctrinating agendas.
    Rates of homeschooling are at the highest level ever.
    Evaluate alternative choices in your area, including school choice, charter schools, churches or homeschooling.
    Support the efforts of organizations and churches that provide better and safer education than public schools.
    Advocate for a $16,000 tax credit per family for homeschooling or private school, which is the average cost of a student in public school.
  6. Drugs
    Be involved with your children and their friends, especially in states that have legalized marijuana. (It has been the gateway drug for many young people. Synthetic marijuana is many times stronger and easily causes psychosis and brain damage.)
    Be cautious of Fentanyl and other dangerous drugs that are widely available at low cost. (Our open borders allow fentanyl to flow freely into our country. 100,000 people died in 2022 from overdoses.)
    Make sure you have Narcan available.
    Stand with our law enforcement officers who are doing great work in your local communities.
    Advocate for tracking down and prosecuting drug traffickers.
  7. Medications
    Be vigilant about the medical and pharmacological industry that is too quick to prescribe antidepressants. (Many of these “medicines” will cause addiction in just 5 days and may cause psychosis and lifelong consequences including the gateway to even stronger illegal drugs.)
    Be aware of the risks of these medicines.
  8. Video games
    Limit your child’s screen time and spend quality time together.
    Get them involved in sports and other activities to keep away from video games that are extremely realistic, full of violence, sexuality, and immoral material.
    Parents need to be aware of the dangers of Artificial Intelligence (AI) empowering video games to become a tool of brainwashing children.
  9. Internet, Music, Movies, Books
    Evaluate the content your kids consume daily, including Disney, which promotes a woke agenda, cartoons that promote transgenderism, and directly target our kids.
  10. Hate and scare tactics.
    Be aware of dangerous messages our children are receiving via government and media outlets. (Promoting hate, division, and scare tactics against those who speak out in opposition or normalizing hate and killing.)
    Stand up for your children and advocate against small children or teenagers being isolated, scared, or forced to wear masks. This kind of thing can severely damage young kids or teenagers.
  11. Human trafficking /pedophilia
    Always exercise caution and be vigilant as human trafficking has been growing steadily, directly targeting our chil
    Be aware that pedophilia is being normalized and inducted into the Stand your ground! (When a gay chorus sings “we are coming for your kids,” we should believe them. Some law makers are even trying to make pedophilia legal.)


Our Country Our Choice

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