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America is a republic and a representative democracy.  Voting is an important basis of our republic.  Our founding fathers in their wisdom and vision secured this for America.  But people have lost faith in our elections


America is a republic and a representative democracy.  Voting is an important basis of our republic.  Our founding fathers in their wisdom and vision secured this for America.  But people have lost faith in our elections.  Some Democrats challenged the results of the 2016 Presidential election.  Some Republicans challenged the 2020 election results.  Too many people have lost trust in the integrity of our elections.  Multi-faceted and blatant fraud is destroying trust in our voting system.  Too many people are unmotivated to vote.  Too many people don’t want to be caught up in the citizen-voter and-jury-trial legal system.

We want to restore the integrity of our elections and renew faith in the American system.  We call for support from all our lawmakers.  We call on all Americans to work to restore election integrity now.  The national elections in 2024 are only 13 months away.

The right to vote in a secret ballot in a free and fair election is a basic civil right and one on which many of the other rights of the American people depend.

We want to ensure that every eligible citizen can vote and that those votes are not diluted, voided, or stolen due to errors, mistakes, fraud, corruption, or other problems in the election system.

States and counties are responsible for the integrity of the elections.  We trust all county supervisors of elections are doing their best.  We do not question their valuable work.  However, the election rules vary by state and by county and some registered voter rolls are years out-of-date!

We suggest the following changes:  

  1. Voter ID for all American citizens.
  2. Election Day is to be made a public holiday.
  3. In-person voting (with few exceptions) using watermarked, official, paper ballots.
  4. Each state and county should have the same standardized method of voting and of counting ballots to maximize security and transparency, prevent mistakes and delays in counting the votes, while maintaining a secret ballot.
  5. A minimum sentence of three years in state prison for all who commuter an election fraud (with no time off for good behavior).
  6. Rank choice voting should be eliminated. Holding a runoff election may be expensive but is preferred.
  7. Mail in ballots and absentee voting must be limited and supervised.

These ballots must be requested by each voter and proof of citizenship must be provided.

Mail-in ballots can be mailed in or can be dropped off at a voting station in person only.  No one is allowed to deliver more than one ballot.  One person-one ballot.  ‘Ballot harvesting’ must be banned.

  1. Early voting must be limited to 2 weeks or less because things change in election season.
  2. Voter rolls must be purged and updated every four years.
  3. On election Day local law enforcement officers must be present at every county office of elections.
  4. Cameras and high tech must be used to track each ballot. Ballots cannot ever be out of the view of the security cameras. All suspicious activities must be stopped immediately.
  5. Counting the votes should not take more time than 6 hours. Any district where counting takes more than 24 hours should be subject to a new election.
  6. Concerning voting machines and tabulators, there is a risk that voting machines could have software issues, that they could be hacked, and therefore they should never be connected online. An independent testing group should be present with objective supervision. Tabulators can have technical issues and can be hacked.  Tabulators need to be tested and serviced.  The spare machine must be available in case of malfunctions.
  7. Paper ballots should always be printed as a backup and kept with a chain of custody for 24 months.


Our Country, Our Choice asks all election activists, organizations and every person who wants to return integrity and trust to our elections to join us.

We want to work with each election supervisor in the United States and help them to prevent any possibility of fraud.  We want to work together with volunteers, organizations, lawmakers, and election supervisors to create a system which will be reliable and trustworthy.  This is how we restore the integrity to elections.  We welcome all suggestions.

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