Two Tier System of Justice

OCOC is not a political organization. We are a non-partisan group of concerned American citizen who seek to promote traditional American values. We welcome Americans of all ages, races, orientations, and classes. OCOC does not and will not endorse specific candidates for office. We are about promoting a policy agenda that puts everyday hardworking Americans first.

However, we at OCOC abhor the criminalization of politics and dissent and efforts by the Washington elite to smear politicians who challenge the status quo and deep state as foreign agents (as was done against President Trump during Russia gate), traitors or worse. Still worse those who perpetuated the lie of Russia-Trump collusion have never been held to account.

We believe Russia gate and the subsequent criminalization of politics via the 2 impeachment efforts and the ongoing effort to jail the former president has consequences abroad by tarnishing and devaluing American democracy in the eyes of the world.

OCOC stands for free and fair elections and believes that the time to drain the proverbial Swamp is long overdue.

Join us and we will show you how to stop it.

One man or woman cannot drain the DC Swamp, but together with you, we can. Join us.
Remember your information will be secured and will not be shared with anyone. We are launching our platform soon, please preregister and get updates and reserve your place when we launch. Due to the huge interest, we can only take limited number of new members this year.