Protect our Children

In a rapidly changing world, the role of education in shaping the future of America has never been more critical. Education not only imparts knowledge but also instills values and principles that guide individuals as they become responsible citizens and future leaders.

We at OCOC want a better America for all Americans. We don’t discriminate based on skin color, religion, or sexual preference. But we are extremely concerned about our governing elite and the teachers’ unions seem intent on polluting the minds of our kids and teenagers.

Schools are turning into laboratories of indoctrination instead of what they should be: Institutions of learning.

The ongoing, taxpayer funded “woke” indoctrination of our children will have far reaching consequences for the future of our country. And this would seem to be the point: After all, as we know, a person’s character and personality is largely established by the time they are very young. The traits that will define that individual throughout his or her life can be clearly identified by the time they are in 1st grade.  In a new investigation, scientists show that, by the time they start going to school, children already exhibit the personality traits that will remain with them throughout their lives. This was clearly established in a new paper, written at the University of California in Riverside.

All of this goes a very long way to explaining the “woke” Left’s insistence that your children be exposed to their radical LQBTQ+ agenda at the earliest age possible. Yet the consequences of this have been severe and amount to nothing less than a War on Children.

Consider: The percentage of transgender people in the US population is between 1 and 2 percent, but the percentage of young adults now claiming to be transgender has risen to 5 percent.

The number of transgender surgeries performed each year has tripled over the past three years with more than 1,200 procedures performed on patients 18 or younger annually.

A question we might ask is: How did this come to be? 

We believe this is the direct (and desired) result of government bureaucrats, working alongside the teachers’ unions and the media, who praise and glorify the LGBTQ+ agenda at the expense of families and children.

But the assault on American values does not end there: Far from it. As children get older and enter into their teenage and college years, they are inundated with the teachings of so-called Critical Race Theory which emphasizes the history of race in America at the expense of the totality of its history, economics and culture.

The War on Children is not just taking place in our schools. As we all witnessed beginning in the Spring of 2020, government policies, such as the indiscriminate and damaging lockdowns, did enormous damage to our children and teenagers.

The number of young children prescribed antidepressants has risen by 41 percent since 2015. Still more, 50 percent of young adults (ages 18-24) reported anxiety and depression symptoms in 2023. In 2022 there were 109.000 Drug overdose deaths and 49.500 suicides. Most of them, young people! This must be stopped.

To sum up: A War on Children is being waged by our governing elites both inside and outside the classroom, damaging and warping young minds, perhaps.

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