Immigration and open borders


The crisis at the southern border is another area where the government is failing and dividing us. Disabled Americans receive an average welfare check of $670 a month. Retired Americans receive an average check for social security of $1400 a month. Meantime, 27 million hard working Americans don’t have health insurance. Some Americans righty feel that they would be better of traveling to Mexico, destroying their passport, and re-entering the US as an undocumented immigrant. This is nothing short of insanity. An undocumented person who crosses US border illegally now receives free transportation to the destination of their choosing, and government subsidized healthcare, free education and in most cases free housing.

All the while, 37.9 million Americans are living in poverty and millions of American children go to bed hungry! While we recognize that most immigrants are good people, they need to enter the US on a legal basis. The current system allows for widespread abuse and predation by human traffickers.

To make the USA the most populous country, how many immigrants to America would by enough? Five million? 50 million? 500 million Chinese and 500 million Indians and 500 million Africans and 100 million Latin Americans?

Open border allows fentanyl to freely flow into the US, killing tens of thousands of our fellow citizens, particularly our youth.

Without a border you don’t have a country.




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