Paw Patrol Hires Radical Writer Who Promotes LGBTQ and Abortion to Kids

CV NEWS FEED // Nickelodeon has hired a far-left activist who reads pro-LGBTQ and pro-abortion books to children on YouTube to be a writer for a spinoff of the popular children’s show “PAW Patrol.”

“PAW Patrol” began in Canada ten years ago and is marketed toward preschool-age children. In addition to its television series, it has also spawned two feature films and a line of popular toys.

Lindsay “Lindz” Amer, an LGBTQ activist YouTuber with no known previous experience writing for television, was hired to write an episode of the new spinoff show.

Amer said on Instagram that the franchise brought her on “to consult on the first nonbinary character” and write said character’s episode. “Talk about a bucket list item,” she said.

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