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Welcome to our country our choice.

The existential threats to the American people are not thousands of miles away on some foreign battlefield. The threats are here, at home.

Message from our CEO
Colonel Douglas Macgregor

Robbing America Blind

Elites in Washington have engaged in an endless spending spree that will leave future generations mired in debt. This must stop now!

Human Trafficking

Incidents of human trafficking have skyrocketed in recent years. The most vulnerable members of our communities, including women and children, are being sold and abused for profit. This must stop.

Truth sets you free Truth sets you free Truth sets you free Truth sets you free

Message from the Christian leader, Pastor Casey:
True Christians do not shrink back but speak up!
The truth will set you free, but you must speak.

OCOC unites Americans across party lines to become agents of change.

OUR Country Our choice (OCOC) will give “We The People” the tools, information and skills to proactively preserve and strengthen the security, prosperity, and moral fabric of our society.

Our Country Our Choice (OCOC)in a nutshell

Our Country Our Choice was founded by a group of regular hard working Americans, who simply could not watch our America being destroyed in front of our own eyes.

The ruling elite's worst nightmare is the patriots uniting and organizing in massive numbers and exchanging truthful information without false narratives. This is how we take back the power from the corrupt political class in Washington. Our politicians must begin to respect the people who are paying their salaries.

We are constantly betrayed and lied to. We are sick of broken promises and lies by politicians. Democrats and Republicans are performing a nonstop soap opera as distraction while their jointly spend taxpayers' money to fund endless wars and pork-barrel projects as they line their own pockets and reward the donors who own them.

Please join us and pre-register. Our service will be launched later this fall. Together we will drain the swamp! The silent majority must become loud: That is why Our Country Our Choice exists.

America Needs you.
Join the silent loud majority!

Working together we can all make a difference! Join us on our quest to drain the swamp. Please pre-register to become a member. Due to the high demand, we can only take a limited number of new members this year - and remember, your information will not be shared with anyone.