Defend us from Globalism


There is growing concern within American society regarding a variety of issues pertaining to a change in international governance priorities - and for good reason. In recent decades, formal partnerships between governmental bodies and corporate and private interests, and international and private finance systems, have been established and with this merger, power has shifted from democratically elected interests to corporate and private interests. There are non-elected, non-governmental, privately funded global structures and agendas in place now which intend to supersede democratic and accountable institutions in order to highjack control of our country.


Unaccountable global elites are poised to impose their agenda on unsuspecting Americans in areas that had traditionally been, and ought to remain, the province of the people’s democratically elected, and therefore accountable, representatives. Globalists are trying to intrude upon the most basic and private decisions of everyday Americans include how one speaks, how one provides for one’s family and even how and what we eat. At Our Country Our Choice, we believe Freedom and Democracy in America are incompatible with the Globalist agenda.



  1. Civil and Human Rights Upheld – Focus on Sovereignty, Freedom and Democracy
    Know your Rights.  Learn the laws in your area.  Learn how to defend yourself legally. Understand and minimize risks.  Focus on all things related to Sovereignty, Freedom and Democracy.
  2. Educate yourself regarding Globalism using alternative media, scholarly histories and evidenced-based journalism.
  3. Become involved in all governance possible. Use this education to join all committees, boards, public advisory groups.  Be there to identify and defend against Globalist-influenced plans.

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