Defend us from Endless Wars


For the better part of 25 years, Washington has been engaged in a global crusade to remake the world in its self-image. The damage done by both Republican and Democratic administrations to our citizen-soldiers, innocent civilians abroad, our economy and our reputation has been devastating. Endless Wars mean only endless pain for our dead and wounded and their families. Endless Wars also mean endless profit for the defense industry and the cast of revolving door generals and greedy political appointees in Washington. What happened to ‘peace through strength’? What happened to Congress’s constitutional responsibility to declare war? We have been a country continually at war since 9/11. At Our Country Our Choice we ask: To what end?


The series of Endless Wars that our country has been embroiled in by due to the mismanagement and malfeasance of Washington politicians over the past quarter century have been counterproductive; have made us less safe; have been damaging to the social fabric of our country; have been a burden on the economy; have misdirected sorely needed resources away from the American people.



  1. Support political candidates for federal office who have spoken out against foreign interventions and who, like President Eisenhower, recognize the danger the military industrial complex poses to the constitutional order.
  2. Speak out! Contact your congressman and senators and oppose the series of unconstitutional American interventions we are now carrying out across the globe.

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