Defend our Right to Bear Arms


Our Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms is under the fiercest attack we have yet seen in American history. Successive laws by Blue State legislatures as well as extra-constitutional administrative and executive orders enacted by Washington have seriously curtailed our right to defend our families, our livelihoods, our very lives. There now exists a double standard when it comes to the selective enforcement of laws - criminals, cartels and their enablers have, since the summer of 2020, run wild, without consequences. Meantime, law-abiding American citizens who merely seek to exercise their Second Amendment rights have come under increasing attack by the powers-that-be in Washington.


The constitutional right to bear arms has for centuries served as a guarantor of individual rights in the face of tyranny. At Our Country Our Choice we believe the right to keep and bear arms is non-negotiable, it is, at its core part of what it means to be an American. And because we live in an increasingly lawless country, where crime rates have skyrocketed and law-abiding Americans find themselves under increasing attack, the Second Amendment is as important to the freedom and safety of our people as it has ever been.


  1. Contact your local, state and federal representatives sand tell them the Second Amendment is not negotiable
  2. Get out and vote! Support candidates who support the Second Amendment
  3. Get involved in your local community. Programs such as Neighborhood Watch are invaluable organizations that help keep Americans and their families safe.

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