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Our Freedom of Religion is under attack. In states across the country, rulings by an unaccountable judiciary have encroached upon Christians’ freedom to express their beliefs and their objections to a far-left agenda that seeks to radically secularize our Christian nation.

Our children are considered state property and their future is at stake. Their very lives! Soon, if we do not pray and take action governmental and global population control will strip Christians from spreading the Gospel of Salvation in Christ alone due to it being considered hate speech.


Religious liberty is a foundational American value. Supreme Court Justice Frank Murphy once wrote that freedom of religion has “a double aspect — freedom of thought and action.” Yet Americans’ freedom of religion  – a freedom guaranteed under the First Amendment – is now under attack. Christians are commanded to “Go and make disciples and teach them” in Matthew 28:19-20. The one world religion of Mother Earth / Go Green is anti-Christ. Universalistic religions will survive fine because they are not exclusive. In the current direction of our country, it will be crime to expose your child to Christianity and even explain their birth gender.



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