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Under the previous administration, efforts were made to secure the border and ensure only legal immigrants were allowed into this country. Those opposed to this claimed it has inhumane, a violation of human rights, we could never effectively secure the border, etc., but as we can see under the current administration, it was a cover for hidden agendas. The borders were flung open immediately and there’s been a full-scale invasion of illegal migrants like we’ve never seen in our history.

Millions upon millions of illegals have now poured in, and we don’t know who a great deal of these people are. Border Patrol was ordered to stand down and in effect acts like a concierge service passing through illegals, defeating their whole purpose of protecting the border. There has been a complete breakdown and rampant lawlessness along the southern border. Our cities and towns are being flooded with illegals and straining municipal and state budgets, all at the expense of American citizens, who apparently weren’t the priority after all.

There is unrestrained human trafficking, the most insidious being child and female sexual slavery, and illegal drugs cross easily over the southern border, resulting in untold devastation and wartime-like casualties among our fellow Americans from overdoses. Crime rates are soaring as many countries have emptied their prisons, including mental institutions, eagerly absolving themselves of their difficulties. Worst of all, there’s been a huge influx of militaryaged fighting men from all over the world, particularly from hostile countries, and known terrorists have tried many times to pass through. There are countless “got aways,” people who have bypassed border security altogether and are now wandering around freely in our country.


Why is this happening?

The powers that be like to make a big mystery out of it, but the current administration has always been for open borders, they think borders don’t matter anymore, that we should just welcome anyone who wants to come in. Behind this is a desire to dilute American traditions and culture, to replace our values with internationalist alien values, and to ensure a steady stream of voting cattle to secure their positions in power. These are globalist aspirations, and they suit well the ambitions of the globalist ruling elites, who want a steady stream of cheap labor into the U.S. to drive down wages and living standards and put America on par with low-wage countries like China. Long gone is loyalty to the American people and our homeland, which is what made them their fortunes in the first place.



The basis of nationhood is having clearly defined and secure borders, sovereignty. If we don’t have secure borders, we don’t have a country anymore. Given the increasingly unstable international situation, America cannot afford unsecured borders, it’s an unacceptable and intolerable risk. We must know fully who is seeking to gain access to our country and allow legal migration only. We should demand full accountably from those responsible for these reckless and dangerous actions and restoration of the rule of law.



  1. Take time to inform yourself more about what’s going with the border situation. Douglas Macgregor & Our Country Our Choice will routinely provide news articles drawn from objective unbiased sources for you to consider. Help spread this news to your social media circles and educate others.
  2. Contact your congressman, senator and local officials and seek their position on the border, let them know you don’t approve of what is going on.
  3. Volunteer with organizations opposed to open borders in your area or across the country. We can suggest ones on our website. A lot of work can be done over the phone. Help these organizations grow.
  4. Vote only for candidates that take a strong stand on securing the border and advise family and friends to do the same. Together we can all make a difference


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